Let’s play Kawaii dress-up with Daz Studio, and explain how to make a Kawaii image.

Daz Studio Japanese figure “Xiao”

This corner introduces Japanese figures sold in the Daz Studio market. I will introduce the figure today. The product name is Xiao Hong for Genesis 8 Female. The genre is figures. When I looked it up online, it looked like the name of a famous Chinese female writer in the past. But I think this figure has a very modern and cute face. Let’s introduce it! !!

To briefly explain the purchase points of products

  1. As the name Xiao Hong suggests, it was probably made with the setting of a Charnie’s figure. However, I think it’s a figure that works well as a Japanese woman.
  2. Even in the innocence, the figure is finished with a feminine core thickness.
  3. She looks cute with any hairstyle. It also comes with a unique face print.

A little disappointing

  1. It’s a pity that the hair is not included. But I think any hairstyle will suit you.

Check the contents

Where is it in Smart Content?

When you install it, it is stored in “Figures” in the Files pane.

The contents included in the product are as follows.

Let’s take a look at the entire product from the “Product” tab. Select “Xiao Hong” from “Figures”, left-click and select “Explore Product” to see the whole “Product”.

“Figures” … Here you just load the Yuna figures.

“Iray” … Eye Color 6 kinds of “Materials”, face brush 8 types and their reset.

Continued … MAT for the whole body, 5 lip colors, no eyebrows.

“Apply” of “Shaping” … Reading the whole body, reading the eyelashes, reading the navel.

“Remove”… Remove eyelashes and navel.

Manager’s comment

The name is Xiao Hong, but as you can see from the close-up image below, it’s a Japanese figure.
I like the fact that any hairstyle, short, long, or semi-long, looks cute. I want to put on various clothes. I think the combination of short hair and this figure feels like a little devil. Don’t you think that $ 20 or less is cheap with this quality?

With Short Hair
With Long Hair
With semi-long
With Pig tail
  • 作者:vootw
  • 価格:$ 18.95