Let’s play Kawaii dress-up with Daz Studio, and explain how to make a Kawaii image.

【Daz Studio】 LA luxury home pool and cityscape

Category: Props and background images(HDRI)

This corner introduces items that suit Japanese characters sold in the Daz Studio market. Introducing the background and Props today. The product name is LA Pool and HDRI. The categories are Props and HDRI. A set of a gorgeous house and a pool built in front of it. The cityscape of Los Angeles that spreads out below is attached with HDRI. Why don’t you use it in a setting like going to an American friend’s house for leisure? Let’s introduce! !!

Bargain points

  1. Fashionable and resort-like.
  2. There are 9 cameras installed from the beginning, and you can quickly create a wonderful scene.
  3. It renders the figure in the pool realistically.

little disappointing point

  1. Rendering pools, chairs and palm trees will take a little longer.

Content check

Where is it in Smart Content?

When installed, it is stored in “Exterior” of “Environments”.

The contents included in the product are as follows.

Let’s take a look at the entire product from the “Product” tab. Let’s take a look at the entire “Product” by selecting “Pool in LA” stored in “Exterior” of “Environments”, left-clicking and selecting “Explore Product”.

“Load Full Scene” … Loads the background HDRI image and the entire pool, chairs, and palm trees.

“I ray Preset” … Reads the background HERI image (LA cityscape image and home).

“Zeroed Pool Chair”… Remove the chair from the scene.

“Load Prop” … Loads only tools such as pools, chairs, and palm trees.

When you put a figure in the pool, it looks like this (real!).

The scenery captured by the nine cameras in “Load Full Scene” is as follows.
(People are not included. The top image is Camera 3.)

Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 4
Camera 5
Camera 6
Camera 7
Camera 8

Manager’s comment

This product is a 3D model of the pool, chairs and palm trees, and the background outside (buildings, LA cityscape) is an HDRI image.
Since the pool, chairs, and palm trees have a relatively light amount of data, the rendering time is relatively short, but the rendering time is a little longer than HDRI alone.
Even so, I think it’s wonderful to be able to vividly express your own figure in such a resort-like landscape.
Lighting is created from HDRI images and rendered, so you can only create daytime scenes.
Buy it for those who want to create fashionable images that make you feel the blue breeze of California!

  • author:Dreamlightさん
  • Price:19.95 Dollar